Action Cues Elite Series ELBT01 Tall Cue with Case

Action Cues Elite Series ELBT01 Tall Cue with Case

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The Action Cues Elite series ELBT01 Tall cue with Case is a cue with style that looks as good as your game. Action Cues Elite Series Cues bring players high quality materials, exotic woods, craftsmanship, and unique classy designs often featured in more expensive pool cues for a price that wont break the bank. Grab your Elite Series Cue today and join the Elite! The Action Cues Elite series ELBT01 Tall cue with Case features:

  • Rosewood Sleeve with 4 Extended Rosewood Points into a Canadian Hard Rock Maple Forearm
  • 13mm 31" AAA Grade Canadian Hard Rock Maple Shaft with Longer Pro Taper
  • Standard Tip: 10 Layered, Vacuum Sealed, Boar Skin Tip
  • No Wrap
  • Wood-to-wood Joint with Stainless Steel 5/16x18 Pin
  • 1" Fiber Linen Ferrule
  • One-year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defects
  • Includes a free 1 butt/1 shaft black round hard case
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  • Production Long Cues Now

    Posted by Zach on Mar 18th 2016

    I have a good friend that has been making long cues in the Northwest Area for quite some time now and now that there are production long cues this is great. Surprised that design hasn't caught on with billiard manufactures so far. Don't let people fool you about low deflection this, its a gimic. For pocket billiards you want a deflective and light cue. I had the weight bolt removed from this cue and it weighs under 17 ounces. I'm loving it. The only time you want a low deflective shaft is when you playing 3 cushion billiards to get a true hit off the rail. For pool you want deflection. You can do things with a long cue with a small diameter shaft that you can't do with a standard shaft. For the price you can't beat this long cue. Highly recommend this cue for anyone that plays pocket billiards. Also, this cue has great harmonics. Very quite hit even with the tip that is on it as is it. I'll be putting a Le Pro on it soon but just hit balls with it today and it plays great. Remember to sand off the shaft coating to feel the wood of the shaft when your playing. After that just use a damp rag to keep it clean.

  • good for short folks

    Posted by daniel on Feb 15th 2016

    The longer cue is great if you play on a 9 foot table as it helps eliminate the bridge. The longer shaft and the lack of a visible joint helps in aiming. This will be my playing shaft.

  • Incredible Value...Very Happy! Tall people rejoice!

    Posted by Tuxedotito on Jul 15th 2015

    I am 6'5" and tired of trying to play comfortably with standard size cues. Quality is very nice and the 62 inch length feels great. It is just a nice, solid feeling cue. The design is nothing too fancy but down to business; decorations don't improve one's game. Points are nice and sharp and the veneers are well done. The "Pro-Taper" could be a little thinner, but I can have that taken care of locally. Overall the cue is a very nice product. Had engraving done at purchase and it came out great!!! Wanted to get a feel for a longer cue without going crazy with the $$$ and waiting three weeks for a custom job. Thanks Ozone Billiards!! Would shop again anytime I need some new toys...