Action Cues Elite Series ELBKHVY Heavy Break Cue

Action Cues Elite Series ELBKHVY Heavy Break Cue

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The Action Cues Elite series ELBKHVY Heavy Break Cue is a cue with style that looks as good as your game. Action Cues Elite Series Cues bring players high quality materials, exotic woods, craftsmanship, and unique classy designs often featured in more expensive pool cues for a price that wont break the bank. Grab your Elite Series Cue today and join the Elite! The Action Cues Elite series ELBKHVY Heavy Break Cue features:

  • Ebony Stained Maple Butt with Stainless Steel Collar, Stainless Steel Butt Plate, and Thin Silver Ring Highlights
  • 13.5mm 29" AAA Canadian Hard Rock Maple with a Shorter Taper and Unique 2" Wooden Billiards Pin
  • Standard Tip: Phenolic Tip
  • Black Irish Linen Wrap with White Specks
  • Wood-to-wood Joint with 5/16x3 Pin
  • 1" Phenolic Ferrule
  • One-year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defects
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  • love it

    Posted by Rebecca Stanwood on May 4th 2018

    bought for my husband- him and others, as well as myself love this break cue, would definitely recommend!

  • What a great looking break cue!!!

    Posted by JEFF on Aug 7th 2017

    I just got mine in the mail and I'm off to the local pool hall to break a few racks. This thing looks like it's really going to do the job! 25 ounce hammer!

  • Average pocketed 2 on the break

    Posted by Justin on Dec 26th 2016

    Spreads the balls out well on the break been averaging at least 2 on the break.

  • Great Break Stick

    Posted by Chris on Sep 26th 2016

    I love this stick. I can really crush the rack in both 8 & 9 ball. I have recently purchased another one to raffle off in my TAP pool league. I ordered it at 27ounces

  • If you want a ball buster

    Posted by Walter on May 17th 2016

    I bought this cue after selling my previous break cue to a buddy. It does pack quite a punch. I ordered mine to be a 27 oz cue. I remember letting a woman use it to break after watching her struggle breaking before. Her first time breaking with this cue she made the eight on the break (game of eight ball). My only complaint is that it is an inch shorter than my normal shooting cue. That is just me I overcame that quickly. If you are a league or tournament player make sure you follow the guidelines in the rules. Some leagues do not allow cues over 25 oz. I am just an enthusiast so I would use a 30 oz break cue if I could get my hands on one. Have fun and shoot straight.

  • a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Christopher on Sep 29th 2015

    great product,nice weight a must for a great break!!

  • nice cue

    Posted by Albert on Sep 16th 2015

    this cue is a good bargain for the price but definitely have to change the tip. Not crazy about the wood joint ether but it stays tight

  • Makes a HUGE Difference

    Posted by Rolando on Apr 1st 2015

    I didn't think it would but I was breaking with a regular cue before and this makes a much bigger difference. Much easier to break and get a better ball scatter when hitting it flush.

  • Battering Ram

    Posted by Rick on Apr 1st 2015

    I've had super light break cues and now have the heaviest break cue. Using a light cue to break causes me to swing to fast loosing control and accuracy. The heavy cue has a thick shaft and weight that helps keep it straight at the spot you are aiming. It provides a real penetrating break that is LOUD. As long as you can swing the cue at a similiar pace of a lighter cue, you will have a harder break due to the mass of the heavy cue. That is why battering rams are not made out of twigs. Sure you can move a twig faster, but it won't pound the door down like a battering ram. Accuracy is the most important; swing within yourself and not out of your shoes will provide a more effective break. The heavy cue allows me to maintain accuracy with still an explosive break.

    The cue looks great in person, black with steel rings and black tip.

    My only criticism is the linen wrap. I wish it had a rubber wrap for more grip.