Action Cues Adventure Series ADV77 These Colors Dont Run

Action Cues Adventure Series ADV77 These Colors Dont Run

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The Action Cues Adventure Series ADV77 These Colors Don't Run is a cue designed with all players in mind whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or league pro. High quality materials, craftsmanship, and price come together in Action Cue's products offering players wide assortments of exotic materials, stains, designs, and inlays. All Action Cues are backed by a one-year warranty against all manufacturer's defects. The Action Cues Adventure Series ADV77 These Colors Don't Run also features:

  • Cream Stained Birdseye Maple Forearm and Shaft with Eagle Wings Banner reading "These colors don't run" on the Forearm, Complimenting Eagle Head Transfer on the Butt with a Single Silver Ring
  • 13mm 29" Hard Rock Maple Shaft with 10 - 12" Pro Taper and Brass Insert
  • Standard Tip: 7 Layered, Vacuum Sealed, Boar Skin Tip
  • Black Irish Linen Wrap with White Specks
  • Wood-to-wood Joint with Stainless Steel 5/16x18 Pin
  • 1" Fiber Linen Ferrule
  • One-year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defects
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  • Love it

    Posted by Samuel on May 9th 2016

    order the cue and did not expect to get it for a couple of weeks because I had a different tip put on and engraving done, however I received in less than a week it perfect shape and started using that night love the feel of it.
    I will check Ozone before I shop anywhere else.
    thank you

  • Excellent World War II Era Artwork

    Posted by stephen on Jun 20th 2015

    I was given this cue as a gift by kids for my birthday, because they know I love World War II era tattoos. I have a few WWII era tattoos on my left arm sleeve. I have 3 custom made cues, so my kids gave me this cue to keep in my car at all times just in case I'm out getting a tattoo and want to shoot pool while I'm waiting.
    Last year for Father's Day, my daughter and granddaughter went with me to get my granddaughters name tattooed in my right arm. We shot pool while I was waiting, since my tattoo artist has a pool table in his studio; however, this review isn't about a tattoo or tattoo studio. It's just the back drop for my review of this excellent Action Pool Cue, These Colors Don't Run.
    My daughter had a leather wrap added to the cue and, several weeks later, I had the shaft turned down to 12mm and replaced the stock tip with a soft Kamui tip. I'm extremely impressed with this cue. I have received as many inquiries on it as I have on my 2013 McDermott Cue of the Year. The cue is made of excellent quality Canadian Maple. The shaft is very good, too. It is nice and stiff, thus it won't easily warp.
    This cue was much better than I expected even before tip was replaced and it's been extremely impressive, since it was replaced.
    My cue wasn't purchased through Ozone, but I'm purchasing two other Action cues in this Patriotic WWII series, Man's Ruin and Tattooed Lady, from Ozone, so I can earn bonus points and have Ozone add a black leather wrap, turndown the shaft and add a Kamui Black Clear Super Soft tip. The cues will arrive exactly as I want. I plan to keep one of these cues in trunk of each of our vehicles, so I won't have to come home and pick-up my cues or just in case a friend needs to use a good cue.
    There aren't many cues in this price range as good as these Action cues. I highly recommend that you have Ozone install a Kamui tip, if have to keep the price down. I also highly recommend having Ozone put on a leather wrap and turn down the shaft to 12.50 or below, if you have a larger budget. The smaller the tip, the more English you will be able to put on your shots.
    The only reason I'm giving this cue 4 Stars and not 5 Stars is, because Action does not offer a spare shaft with an identically matching collar. I wrote Ozone and verified that point before I wrote my review. Thanks to Ozone for being so responsive to your customers. Action does offer extra matching shafts on their Action Griffin series of cues. I highly recommend this cue to everyone.
    I hope this review is helpful.
    Have fun shooting pool, Stevo Griffin