AcCueShot - Electronic Billiard Target Practice Device

AcCueShot - Electronic Billiard Target Practice Device

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The latest innovation in pool & billiards training devices is now available. AcCueShot is a small electronic device that is placed on the far rail of the billiards table. On the front of the AcCueShot device is an illuminated target bar for the player to aim at. On the face of the AcCueShot device are three indicators: left arrow, center bulls eye and a right arrow. The player stands at the opposite side of the table and then aims and shoots the cue ball at the target bar. This Accueshot Training device features:

  • Electronic Billiard Training Device that helps improve your shooting precision and game
  • Utilizes infrared optics and a microprocessor to calculates where the cue ball hits the rail with respect to the target bar
  • Illuminates the appropriate indicator; left arrow if left of the target, right arrow if right of the target and bulls eye if on target
  • Device has a built in speaker that will emit a unique sequence of tones for each condition (left, right and bulls eye hits)
  • Easy to use, just set on the rail of your table, aim and shoot
  • Your device has a 3 position Accuracy switch that allows you to set how wide the Bulls-eye window is. Beginners may wish to set this switch to either Medium or Low accuracy when first using AcCueShot
  • 3 operating modes - Normal, Check and Calibration Mode
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • On/Off switch
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  • Accueshot

    Posted by Mel Percy on Mar 12th 2022

    Great tool to help with cue ball accuracy. If that gets too easy, try getting the green light with an object ball. Has helped my game tremendously.

  • Electronic Billiard Target Practice Device

    Posted by Mike Slater on Jan 17th 2022

    Great product. Easy to set up and use. Allows great practice for getting Straight shots drilled into muscle memory.
    Love it!!!

  • Accueshot

    Posted by Jordan on May 16th 2020

    Best accessory so far, accuracy fixes everything!

  • Top notch training tool

    Posted by Jim on Mar 18th 2017

    I've had an AcCueShot for 5 or 6 years now and a review is due. When I started I was lucky to hit 16 of 25 try's on the "large" setting. Now I can shoot 25 of 25 on the "small" or tight setting. I have kept score sheets through the years and my stroke improvement is outstanding, all due to the AcCueShot. I've also tracked which cue I was the most accurate with and that is how I picked my player.

  • It is a nice 'practice partner'

    Posted by VAJimmy on Jan 20th 2017

    A friend has one and when this went on sale I wanted one for myself. It has a learning curve and takes some trial and error to position but it is a good, reliable way to measure your accuracy

  • Improve your aim.

    Posted by Don on Jan 10th 2017

    It's odd, I'll occasionally miss left, and the device will tell me I've missed right!
    However most times it's spot on.

  • AcCueShot

    Posted by Dan on Dec 31st 2016

    This is a great new training aid. It is helping improve my stroke and aim. I have only 400 shots so far but I feel things are improving already!

  • Fantastic product!

    Posted by Paul on Feb 15th 2016

    It was simple to set up and provides immediate feedback regarding where the cue ball actually contacts the target point on the rail versus where you intended it to. This is valuable information to help you hone your aiming skills. It also has 3 presets for tolerance, so you can give yourself a little more room for error starting out and then work at your own pace towards that fine precision aiming that we all hope to achieve - kind of like progressive practice. Excellent product. If you buy nothing else - get this!!

  • AcCueShot electronic target

    Posted by Ron on Feb 5th 2014

    extremely helpful in finding flaws in your stroke. very accurate and well made. if you want to improve your stroke this is a can't miss item to own. great to challenge your friends with as well. highly recommend