8 Ball White Chalk Holder

8 Ball White Chalk Holder

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The 8 Ball White Chalk Holder keeps your chalk enclosed in a box with a large hole on top to fit the tip of your cue. The holder prevents the chalk dust from getting on your hands and spilling on any surface. It also provides a unique look so you will always know which piece of chalk is yours. This Chalk Holder also features:

  • White color with an 8 Ball graphic design
  • Made out of hard plastic
  • Fits any standard size square chalk
  • Easy to load with a sliding door
  • Chalk not included
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  • 8 ball holder

    Posted by retiree on Aug 7th 2017

    just ok;4-the price

  • Cool, but Cheap

    Posted by Lonnie on Jul 5th 2017

    This item isn't as cool as it looks. I thought it would be a neat chalk holder, but the whole thing is flimsy, and poorly designed. The back comes off frequently. My personal opinion is that it is more aesthetic than anything else. Buy one of the ones you can hang out of your pocket instead. The work better, and are built out of a sturdier material.

  • chalk protector

    Posted by Shannon on May 17th 2017

    My son likes it very much

  • Works well without a mess

    Posted by Chazz on Mar 11th 2017

    Nice design, allows easy access to change chalk, keeps your chalk unique and stands out from the other players.

  • Order filler.

    Posted by Pablo on Nov 28th 2014

    Purchased simply to fill out an order. Not high quality but didn't expect much for the price. Hard to get the chalk in and sometimes doesn't line up. Wouldn't buy again.

  • well made

    Posted by robert hebel on May 9th 2014

    helps you get the most out of a cube of chalk without the mess

  • Lets Your Chalk Stand Out

    Posted by Peter on Apr 18th 2014

    Nice design, allows easy access to change chalk, keeps your chalk unique and stands out from the other players.

  • Nice

    Posted by Mike on Mar 16th 2014

    Keeps pants and my case alot cleaner. Thx ozone

  • Great Chalk Pocket Chalk Holder

    Posted by Tim on Jun 4th 2013

    I purchased two of these, one for myself and one as a gift for a friend.
    I love that I can carry my own brand of chalk in my pocket and have it with me at all times while playing. I have always used a certain brand of chalk and many pool halls do not have my brand and the chalk they do have is in bad shape.
    This holder has a sliding door on the bottom that stays closed and with a hole in the top to chalk your cue and then return it to your pocket assures that you will always have the chalk you prefer without looking for chalk on the rail. I have only dropped it once and it had not even a dent when I picked it up of the hard tiled floor. I do not get chalk all over my pants or pockets due to its construction while chalking your cue the extra lose chalk falls to the floor before you place in your pocket, I have never had to blow on it before placing it in my pocket.
    For its price, its a great product