6 in 1 Master Tip Tool - Silver

6 in 1 Master Tip Tool - Silver

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The 6 in 1 Master Tip Tool is the only cue tip tool that can do everything that you need to properly maintain your tip. It has a Dime Shaper, Nickel Shaper, Tip Pick, Tip Burnisher, Tip Scuffer, and Tip Tapper. This all in one tool is made out of metal with a metallic silver finish and is only 3 inches long and 1 inch in width. It is the most convenient and useful tip tool you will ever use. Includes 2 Replacement shaper inserts and 3 Scuffer inserts. The 6 in 1 Master Tip Tool features:

  • Dime Shaper - Shapes the tip to a dime coin radius
  • Nickel Shaper - Shapes the tip to a nickel coin radius
  • Tip Pick - Aerates the tip to allow more chalk retention
  • Tip Burnisher - Gives the tip a smooth, hard edge to prevent mushrooming
  • Tip Scuffer - Shapes and scuffs the tip to allow chalk to adhere
  • Tip Tapper - Taps the cue tip with sharp metal teeth to help retain chalk
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  • nice tool

    Posted by dan kirchoff on Jun 4th 2023

    nice tool


    Posted by Glenn Helmbold on Dec 25th 2021

    Easy to use and effective for shaping the cue tip.

  • It is awesome

    Posted by Nicholas Starr on Dec 6th 2021

    I love the website

  • 6 in 1 Master Tip Tool - Silver

    Posted by Rob on Aug 6th 2020

    Got it mostly for tip shaping and it works well for that.

  • Tip tool

    Posted by Harold Lee Knapp on Aug 22nd 2018

    Great little gadget. Does everything I need stays in my case everywhere I shoot

  • 6 in one tip tool

    Posted by Charles Anderson on Aug 17th 2018

    Love it but still carry my cube tool. Will have to order one of those soon and give my old one to a friend with an old cue and case. He's real excited about learning to play better, I'll give him a start.

  • nice tool to have

    Posted by Jon L on Oct 23rd 2017

    I purchased this so I could easily condition the tips of our cues.
    It does the job very nicely.
    It is lightweight and easily fits in the pocket of your cue case.
    It is very easy to use too and comes with several different ways to scuff up your tip and shape it the way you like.
    It has both a spike end to perforate the tip to hold chalk and a tapper end to do the same to a lesser degree. They both work great.
    It also has a nickel radius shaper and a dime radius shaper which do a very good job.
    There is also a burnisher to smooth over the sides of the tip where it meets the ferrule which is necessary when you put on a new tip.
    The only thing it doesn't have is a tip clamp for gluing on new tips but it DOES a very nice job preparing a new tip for play.
    It also comes with new discs for replacement when the originals wear out.
    I'm very happy with it.

  • Loving this item!

    Posted by Kevin Creagh on Aug 6th 2017

    Diverse and effective. I love knowing my cue is in the exact condition I want before playing. Who's tool is a space saver as well. I no longer need to carry it you know 3 or 4 different tools now I just carry the one... And I couldn't be happier.

  • Good product

    Posted by Jim on Jul 11th 2017

    Does what it said it would