6 in 1 Master Tip Tool - Blue

6 in 1 Master Tip Tool - Blue

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The 6 in 1 Master Tip Tool is the only cue tip tool that can do everything that you need to properly maintain your tip. It has a Dime Shaper, Nickel Shaper, Tip Pick, Tip Burnisher, Tip Scuffer, and Tip Tapper. This all in one tool is made out of metal with a metallic blue finish and is only 3 inches long and 1 inch in width. It is the most convenient and useful tip tool you will ever use. Includes 2 Replacement shaper inserts and 3 Scuffer inserts. The 6 in 1 Master Tip Tool features:

  • Dime Shaper - Shapes the tip to a dime coin radius
  • Nickel Shaper - Shapes the tip to a nickel coin radius
  • Tip Pick - Aerates the tip to allow more chalk retention
  • Tip Burnisher - Gives the tip a smooth, hard edge to prevent mushrooming
  • Tip Scuffer - Shapes and scuffs the tip to allow chalk to adhere
  • Tip Tapper - Taps the cue tip with sharp metal teeth to help retain chalk
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  • 6 in 1 master tip tool

    Posted by Brian on Aug 19th 2021

    Nice tool.


    Posted by Juan Carlos on Jan 9th 2017

    Great product--very happy with it. Simple, easy to use, and effective. *A NOTE:* the blue of this particular version is slightly darker/bolder than the images--maybe it's just the way my computer monitor is configured, but I wanted to share that for any interested parties. The tool does a great job at keeping my cue tips in tip-top shape--literally. The pick is fantastic for boring holes into the leather to hold chalk. I find that every time I use this product, far less chalk is left as marks on the cue ball after each shot, it really helps the tip of the cue retain the chalk that you apply onto it. And of course, the dime-shape slot really helps the tip of my cue grip the cue ball drastically minimizing chances of miscuing... I'd recommend this to anyone looking to improve their shot accuracy, contact consistency, and chalk retention.

  • tip tool

    Posted by Austin on Apr 27th 2016

    This tool comes in handy all the time. It has all the tools that you could ever need when it comes to shaping your tip. both ends come apart, but only one screws so it doesn't stay together very well

  • Very useful tool

    Posted by Dennis on Mar 22nd 2016

    When I saw this item I immediately thought to myself this can't be good and must be a pain to use. After a week, I must say this product is exactly what it says. Having 6 tools in 1 does come in hand in a jiffy. The scrapper works perfectly to get my tip some grip, the shaper helps give my tip a defined shape to help me with my shot. The tip tapper is good for my layered tip. I like the tip burnisher and it the main reason I really bought the item because I figured this would be useful when I get a new tip and I haven't used the tip airrater but I know they work for standard tips from past experience so I'm glad I have that as well. This tool will be very useful for every tip issue I have or will have. Very nice

  • Love this tool

    Posted by Marc on Feb 29th 2016

    This tool has everything you need to help maintain your tip which gives you more control on your shots. If you play a lot of pool you know how cluttered your bag can become & how difficult it can be to find the proper tool you need when you need it so it's convenient to have all the tools you need in one unit roughly about the size of a roll of quarters

  • Very helpful, useful multipurpose item

    Posted by Ken on Mar 2nd 2015

    Took me a little while to figure how all 6 functions work, but I finally realized that it shapes the sides for 13mm or 11mm shafts. Attractive and very useful in keeping my cue in shape. Very reasonable price to pay as a small investment in my game.

  • Tip Tool

    Posted by Clark on Oct 25th 2014

    Great tool for the tip of the cue.

  • awesome

    Posted by Brian on Sep 12th 2014


  • Great accessory

    Posted by terry on Aug 16th 2014

    Works great to give the desired shape of the cue tip. So far have not been disappointed with any of my numerous dealings with Ozone Billiards.