Pre-Shot Routine to Play Better Pool

Rather read than watch? Read about pre-shot routine below:

Hello and welcome to another edition of billiards basics brought to you by Ozone billiards. I'm instructor James Roberts. You know the number one response that I get to the question of your biggest challenge as a pool player inevitably is the answer of consistency; the ability to make shot after shot. When my students respond with that answer, my next question is what is your pre-shot routine? The answer varies but most of the time I get a deer in the headlights look. Chances are you have a pre-shot routine but you may not be very aware of it. We're going to take a few minutes here to look at the elements of a solid pre-shot routine to help you build your consistency.

Opening Scenario

Let's take a look at an opening game scenario in a rack of eight ball as I narrate my pre-shot routine. First I'm going to study the table and to switch to that mode I pick the chalk up off the table and chalk my cue. I will then walk the table and evaluate all available shots , problem clusters, and anything that needs to be addressed in my attempt to run out on my opponent, not giving him another chance at the table. I've identified that the two ball in the side pocket is my best opening shot so I'm going to identify the contact point on the ball for correct aim and I'm going to switch to stand mode with some chalk and then down to the table, align my body to the shot, a couple of warm-up strokes in the air and down to the table. I will identify the center ball on the cue ball, a couple of warm-up strokes. There's just an example of a pre-shot routine. Now you don't have to utilize all of the elements that I do and you may have some of your own that you want to add, but it is important that you sit down and come up with a specific firing order that you want to follow prior to every shot. It helps keep nervousness and emotions out of the picture and keeps you focused on the game which is critical when that next match or that next rack is on the line. Thank you for joining us for this edition of the billiards basics brought to you by Ozone billiards. Till next time keep playing in the zone.