Professional Pool Cues

When you are confident about pool skills, you know it is time to invest in a seriously competitive cue. You have spent hours upon hours perfecting your skill and technique and now you feel that the your old cue is just not cutting it anymore and you need something better, something more professional. It is time for you to buy a cue that plays as well as you do. Thankfully, Ozone Billiards has a huge range of professional pool cues to suit all styles of players and personal preferences. Let's take a look at a few of the brands that we feature.

Viking Pool Cues

Viking pool cues are manufactured exclusively in the USA and have been since 1965. Having a great pool cue, such as a Viking, can significantly improve your performance whether you are new to professionals cues, or whether it is an addition to your collection. Viking are considered one of the top cue brands in the industry and is it any surprise?

All Viking cues have:

  • Finger-jointed shafts

  • A high-tech UV-cured sealant

  • Undergone a rigorous, multi-stage polishing process

There are many cues in the Viking range, with something to suit everybody's price range and aesthetic preferences.

J. Pechauer Cues

For over 50 years Jerry Pechauer has been producing the finest cues that money can buy. All cues have been manufactured to an extremely high standard. While most cue makers prefer to construct their cues with components made elsewhere, J. Pechauer insists on making all of its parts for all of its cues in its very own custom shop. Everything from the stainless steel joint screw and collar, to the brass inserts, butt plate, and inlays. The reason for doing this is in-house is to ensure that only the very best cues are produced. The quality control along every step of the intricate hand-crafting process is really second to none at J. Pechauer.

J. Pechauer Professional Series

All cues can be have custom weights, custom shaft size, and the option of a performance plus shaft upgrade. These cues have a variety of different finishes to cater for all tastes.

J. Pechauer JP Series

Similar to the professional series, all JP series cues can be tailored to your own specifications and are available with a variety of beautiful finishes.

Predator Pool Cues

Predator have been one of the top names in cue making for over 20 years. Predator cues are the choice of the professionals and as such the price reflects this. But you really can not do much better than investing in one of the fine cues.

8K Series Cues

This series of cues features the groundbreaking C4+ technology, and the option of either of the world-renowned 3143 or Z3 low-deflection shafts. You will truly up your game when you use a cue from the 8K series.

Ikon Series Cues

These beautifully crafted cues come in a variety of finishes and, like the 8K series, benefit from the cutting-edge C4+ technology as well as the choice between then market-leading 3143 or Z3 low-deflection shafts.

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