Break Cues & Jump Cues

A tip that all good players should follow is: don't break with your shooting cue, and don't shoot with your breaking cue. Key characteristics of break, jump, and break jump cues are stronger ferrules and harder tips, that allow you to strike a ball with maximum force without worrying about damaging your cue's shaft.

A jump, or a jump and break cue is generally used in 9-ball and 10-ball pool, where it is within the rules for a player to jump the ball over any obstacles if they are snookered. This is achieved in the same way as with a break cue, they are significantly shorter than traditional pool cues and all come sporting a harder tip, which makes for a much stronger hit which is ideal for jumping the balls. At Ozone Billiards, we have a number of jump and break cues for sale, cues that are either mutually exclusive designs or cues that are suitable for both requirements.

Katana Cues

Katana cues present a variety of stylish cues in a selection of exotic designs ranging from luxury woods like Olivewood, to all white designs that are inlaid with pearls. As standard, every Katana cue comes with a 10-piece split radial construction shaft that boasts alternating spines in order to provide lower rates of deflection and more consistent results.

Katana Cues:

  • All come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Are lightweight to enable faster acceleration and more velocity when striking the cue ball.
  • Are naturally balanced with a more even spread of weight to encourage more consistent hits.

Katana Break Cues

All Katana cues are painstakingly manufactured to be dangerously accurate and beautiful to look at, with extremely high-quality stains and expertly crafted pearl inlays. There are 4 options when it comes to choosing a Katana break cue, and each model is customized to enhance and improve every player's game.

Action Cues

Investing in an Action break of jump cue can be one of the smartest decisions that a serious pool player will ever make, as it can often be the difference between winning and losing. When you buy an Action cue, you get premium-quality manufacturing, a whole new dimension of play, and the chance to be part of an army of fans that are prepared to vouch for their quality.

Action cues are:

  • Good value for money
  • Extremely well-made

Action Cue Styles

Elite Series

The Elites series presents cues that look as good as your game will feel after you have used one. All Elite series cues come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty that protects them against defects.

Mezz Cues

Mezz cues are constantly breaking boundaries concerning how people think about pool cues. For over 50 years it has placed innovation at the heart of its business strategy. Mezz knows that when the cue ball is struck with added speed it can often cause the ball to go awry, and that is why they engineer their cues to provide the ultimate balance of power and control.

Mezz cues are:

  • Expertly engineered to up your game
  • Designed with jumping and breaking in mind

Mezz Cue Styles

Air Series

The Air series has been created and designed with a unique 1 butt and 2 shaft composition that lets players jump using both the standard stroke and the dart stroke styles.

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