Poison Cues

Poison Cues offers bleeding edge designs and best in class playability that can make even the best shooter all the more deadly. Every Poison cue comes with a Venom shaft, which is a 29" Pro Taper shaft that incorporates Double Density Technology. Poison’s DD™ technology benefits from the Predator Group’s engineering, which enhances accuracy and maintains optimum stiffness by designing each shaft with two different densities of wood.

The Cues

Want a cue that delivers game-winning lethal strikes? Poison pool cues deliver the performance you crave combined with an edgy, intimidating look that sends a clear message about you and your game.

These premium-grade cues are quickly becoming a top seller here at our billiards supply store, thanks to features like double-density, pro-taper performance shafts, and Sarin Tips from Tiger. The tire-inspired tough tread grips gives you a firm hold on your shaft, while the innovative full-color wraps strike fear in anyone who tried to challenge your table.

Shaft your opponents with a toxic, technologically superior pool cue from Poison Cues.

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