Meucci Pool Cues

Meucci is probably the best known, legendary pool cue brand available today. Why? Because Bob Meucci has been building the most aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced pool cues since the mid 60's.

A History & Victory Like No Other

In Byhalia, Mississippi the old world craftsmanship is still alive and well. For half a century, Meucci has been celebrated for building the most beautiful pool cues on the market and making their works of art perform with more power with less effort. Meucci pool cues had more professional and semi-pro players than any other manufacturer in the late 70's and 80's.

Pool Sticks Designed for the Player

Designed by Bob Meucci to feature all of the playability benefits every player should have and to disregard any unnecessary extras that might needlessly drive up the price of the cue. The cue is designed to give more power with less effort and to reduce ball deflection as much as possible. Every shaft is made from 35 flat laminated layers of maple and allow for maximum performance with minimum effort.

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