McDermott Pool Cues

As one of the most popular brands on the market, McDermott has become known throughout the industry for top quality billiard cues and accessories. Our flagship line of classic pool sticks is Made in America!  League pro's prefer to play & compete with a McDermott stick  times due to the high-quality features that you can find in every McDermott Cue.

McDermott Line of Cues

Along with our classic line of cues, we've got three distinct sub-genres of our cue family - each specializing in a specific strength - so you can be confident you are getting the best product, engineered with laser-focus and optimized toward the particular function it needs to do.

Catering to our loyal customers who prefer a pool stick in the $100 to $200 price range - Star is the line we've designed and developed.

The level of craftsmanship and engineering that goes into every cue in this line is unparalleled/unmatched in the billiards retail industry. Featuring wood like Maple (a premium material) along with other exotic woods, the true icing on this cake is when you see them beautifully punctuated by a multitude of intricate 4-color graphic overlays.If you want to invest your pool cue money wisely, there is simply nothing better for you than a McDermott Star-series stick.. Nothing.


Stinger Cues

The Stinger is all buff and no fluff when it comes to living up to its name! We actually derive this name as a nod to its one-of-a-kind, patented Tip/Ferrule technology.  A stinger in this instance is what we use when referring to the stem embedded within the tip of the pool cue, which upon force will dynamically project itself downward through a special hole in the center of the ferrule. Why do this, you may ask? Well - when the stinger strike a shock is sent out upon impact and this energy is transferred into the cue ball resulting in 99.9% of your shots being extraordinarily precise/efficient.This line of pool sticks is referred to as Jump/Break Cues and the price-point on them runs between $200-$300.


Sledgehammer Cues

If you want to discuss dedicated break cues - it would simply be an incomplete, misguided debate if you did not mention the highly acclaimed  McDermott Sledgehammer Break Cue! With a menacing name and a black-on-black (with white accent) design - you're sure to inspire fear in the hearts of competitors the moment you step into the pool hall, based on looks alone.

The results this break cue manifests time and time again, are nothing short of spectacular. This sleek feat of modern engineering is packing some serious punch under the hood in the form of its Phenolic tip w/ patented ferrule technology.

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