Joss Cues

Choosing the right billiards equipment to help improve your game is about researching the best manufacturers on the market to find your perfect fit. When looking for an authentic American family brand, look no further than Joss Cues. Started in 1968 as a small operation, the brand has expanded their reach from local favorite to one of the leading brands in a worldwide industry. A leader in innovation without losing the elements that made them a success, Joss pool cues provide traditional looks with old-time cue making values. Each Joss Cues pool stick is marked with a unique serial number on the joint to increase value and create distinctive character.

Joss: A Family Masterpiece

Joss pool cues take the business of cue making very seriously. Founded by ACA Hall- of-Fame cuemaker Dan Janes, Joss cues are one of the most sought after brands in billiards. Janes continues to preserve the traditional look and values of old-time pool cue making while producing cues that play among the best in the world. Each Joss pool cue is marked with a unique serial number on the joint to increase value and distinctive character. A Joss cue is a real family effort which results in a company that cares about its products and customers.

Joss Break Cue: Thor Hammer- Ironwood

The Joss Break cue Thor Hammer- Ironwood offers distinctive character with solid playing feel and design. Since 1968, Joss Cues has been a family effort and takes a very serious approach to profession of cue making. Each Joss Cue preserves the traditional look, feel, and values of old-time cue making and are marked with a unique serial number at the joint increasing exclusiveness and value.

The Color of Money Cue

Since 1968 Joss Cues have always been considered one of the best brands in the billiard industry, and now you can own and experience top quality performance with the classic design of the Color of Money pool cue.

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