Cuetec Cues

When looking for a quality cue stick, a brand with a long-standing history of excellence is a solid choice. Known for their innovative approach and commitment to quality, Cuetec Cues delivers the best value on the market, loaded with features and selling at prices far below custom cues. One of the best in the business, Cuetec Cues was founded in 1989 and became an overnight success. They started their line with the best available Canadian hard rock maple inner wood core for a sure solid hit, then Power-Bonded with resilient layers of fiberglass or graphite for added power and precision. With a focus on quality in every sense of the word, Cuetec pool cues use only the best tips, ferrules, joints, and wraps. With a focus on using only the best techniques, they carefully seal the exposed ends with a fiber nylon insert to prevent atmospheric conditions from affecting the wood. They use only state of the art construction equipment and techniques for a cue of high standards. The quality control is second to none. In fact, this brand has produced hundreds of major titles including no less than 9 World Championships have been won using the legendary Cuetec pool cues.

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