Balabushka Cues

Balabushka Cues by George Balabushka are considered by many to be the best quality cues in the world. George Balabushka is universally known as one of the best cue-makers ever. He passed away in 1975, but his cues and stories live on through the Balabushka Cue Company. His cues are highly valued collectors items, made more so after being featured in Martin Scorsese's 1986 film, The Color of Money. Today Balabushka Cues still maintain the same quality and standards they are known for and is still by far the best selling cue in the industry. In keeping with the style and dignity of Mr. Balabushka, these cues are created to reflect his originals that sell upwards in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Known for their high-quality materials and the checkered "Balabushka Ring" that made these cues iconic, the late great Russian cue master that inspired them lives on in 6 ultra-high-quality lines:

Adam Cues

These Balabushkas all use stainless steel join collars, intricate patterning and inlays, tiger everest performance-layered tip and fiber ferrules.

Break Jump

These hefty sticks use 10 tips outfitted with phenolic pads with 14mm shafts behind them for true, powerful follow-through.

Core Series

Built with a 13mm pro taper on each model, this series uses Canadian maple shafts, brass pilot wood wraps, juma ferrules, and pro layered tips.

Era Series

Built for style as much as play, these high-end cues use premium materials like mother of pearl, rosewood, ebony, and black leather for the fashion-forward player.

GB Series

Solid and trustworthy, these cues mix style and performance, incorporating visual touches like M.O.P. diamond inlays with play enhancements like phenolic collars.

SLE Series

These limited edition cues are made for true Balabushka aficionados, tucked into embroidered cue sleeves and complete with certificates of authenticity. Only 50 of each of the series’ models will ever be produced.

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