Billiards Training Aids

Ozone Billiards offers many instructional aids to assist you with your billiards training. Find the tools to help improve your game along with lots of books and videos written and instructed by some of today's top professional billiards trainers.

Billiard Training Books, DVDs and Devices

Our Billiards Training Instructional Aides are ideal for those just learning pool, and those who have been playing for some time. Many players learn pool on their own and are 100% self-taught. However, learning billiard fundamentals can improve the game of even the most seasoned players. Both beginners of pool and veterans of the game will enjoy learning more about the game of billiards with our comprehensive selection of books, DVDs, and other training devices.

Our training devices have a little something for everyone. If you prefer reading over watching, we have books that thoroughly explain the ins and outs of pool as well as pool basics such as cue grip, stance, stroke, and spin. If you’re more of a visual learner, we have a variety of DVDs to choose from. Just pop one in at home and you’ll learn pool from a renowned player. If you think you know all there is to know about billiards, check out one of our products, and you may learn something new about the beloved game.

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