Kicking Out Part 1

Kicking Out Part 1 

Your opponent has executed a safety, placing the cue ball behind a cluster and you have to kick out and make a good hit. Do you walk up to the table and think, “Now what do I do,” or do you think, “I know how to kick this”? 

DRILL 1 - See Diagram Above  

Place the cue ball in front of Diamond Point 0, from 4 inches to 3 diamonds out from the rail.

Place an object ball on the rail at Diamond Points 1, 2, & 3, as shown.

Shoot, with 1-Tip of English, Right of Center on the cue ball, into Diamond Point to hit the 1 ball.

Shoot, with 2-Tips of English, Right of Center on the cue ball, into Diamond Point to hit the 2 ball.

Shoot, with 3-Tips of English, Right of Center on the cue ball, into Diamond Point to hit the 3 ball.

DRILL 2 - See Diagram Above

Starting Explanation: The diamonds numbered 1-10 at the bottom of the photo, going right and up the bottom rail, are referred to as DP, meaning: Diamond Points .

The diamonds numbered 1-11 at the top of the photo are referred to as the DCP, meaning: Diamond Contact Points,

The 1 ball in this diagram is located at the TDP, meaning: Target Diamond Point.

The cue balls have a number on them. This means the number of CUE STICK TIPS to use from the center out (also see the suggested striking point diagram below).  

Place the cue ball in front of (DP) 0, about 4 inches or more off the rail as shown above (the added cue balls on the ball path in the diagram indicate optional points to shoot the cue ball from).

Next, place the 1 ball on the rail at TDP number 4, as shown above.

Hit 3-Tips Right of Center, into DCP 1, to hit the 1 ball at TDP 4, or

Hit 2-Tips Right of Center, into DCP 2, to hit the 1 ball on TDP 4, or

Hit 1-Tip Right of Center, into DCP 3 to hit the 1 ball on TDP 4, or

Hit 0-Tips Right of Center, into DCP 4 to hit the 1 ball on TDP 4.

Do the math! At DP0 using 3 Tips + DCP1 (the Cue Ball Path)  = TDP (the Target object ball)



A.       Whatever diamond the cue ball is on, that DP and the DCP directly across become the new 0 points to begin adding the TIPS plus DCP spaces to hit the TDP.

B.       Start by counting the number of DP’s from DP-0 to the TDP (the object ball to kick at).

C.      Next, add 0, 1, 2, or 3 (Cue TIPS of English) plus a DCP number until it equals A, the TDP spaces to hit total (see the diagram below: The TDP diamond number value is 4).

Note: The TIP number, plus the DCP number must equal the TDP spaces number. Count how 3+1, 2+2, 1+3 or 0+4 all equal reaching the TDPspace number 4).

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