Just Showing Off - Classic Trick Shot

Rather read than watch? Read about the Classic Trick Shot below:

We will be walking you through how to execute what we call a "Just Showing off" classic trick shot. The classic trick shot was made famous by Steve Mizerak when he did it for a Miller Light commercial. If you want to trick shot, you have to know how to do this shot! The most important thing to know to perfect this shot is the set up. Let's get started!

Classic Trick Shot Step 1:

First what we’re going to do is focus on the 1 and 2 balls. The one ball should be placed against the rail 1 ball’s length away from the middle pocket. Set the 2 ball frozen to the 1 ball NOT against the rail, but perpendicular to the rail

Classic Trick Shot Step 2:

Next, we are going to be focusing on the 3 & 4 balls. Set the 3 ball across from the 1 ball on the other side of the pocket. Disregard using the 1 ball measure measurement away from the pocket rule that you used for the 1 and 2 balls. Set the four ball frozen next to the 3 ball just as the 1 and 2 ball are set.

Classic Trick Shot Step 3:

Next, you will be placing the 5 ball. Place the 5 ball at a 45 degree angle to the left of the 4 ball. You don’t want the balls frozen to each other in a straight line. To make sure you have this measurement correct, take your cue and point it from the 5 ball to the back-left pocket. The cue should point directly into the pocket there. Be sure to keep in mind that age of the equipment that you have. The 5 ball may have to be repositioned accordingly after trying this out on your own.

Classic Trick Shot Step 4:

After that is completed, we will be positioning the 8 ball. The 8 ball should be placed flush at the edge of the back-right pocket. Be sure to have it at the edge to be sure that you won’t miss it by accident. It should be able to effortlessly fall into the pocket.

Classic Trick Shot Step 5:

Place the cue ball about chalks length away from rail the diamond lines 1 ½  away from the the middle from pocket. This will give plenty of space needed from the first ball set up to gain the momentum to successfully complete this shot.

Let’s try the Classic Trick Shot!

Try to hit the cue ball top left english. Aim it to a third to quarter ball of the 2 ball. It’s a hard shot to master but once you get it it will definitely be a crowd pleaser!