How to Shoot with Cue Extensions

Rather read than watch? Read about Cue Extensions below:

Hello again, previously we talked about hard to reach shots and using the mechanical bridge on larger tables. Today, I'm going to talk about a solution for when you may not have access to a mechanical bridge. If you find yourself in this situation, a valuable tool could be a cue extension. We're going to take a look at a couple (cue extensions) and how they work.

Cue Reach

This situation here, with my shot on the 1 ball... I try to reach and I really have to lean over a lot to get a really steady shot. This is where cue extension can come in really handy. This is the Cue Reach, it’s very simple to use, simply slide it over the top of your cue and it's a universal extension that works on any pool cue. Make sure that it's firm down here (at the butt of the cue). Now, I've got much better leverage on the shot. When you no longer need it, it simply slides off and you tuck it away in your cue case.

Longoni Universal Extension

The other extension we're going to look at is the Longoni Universal Extension. Now, this one works a little differently. Instead of sliding over the cue it attaches to the butt of the cue and then you just simply tighten it as needed and it provides you that extra reach you need for long shots. When you're done and no longer need it simply rotate the tightener clockwise until it is able to slide off the cue and you're able to put it away. Now, I've discussed two of your potential options for a cue extension but there are several other available. Please, check our website or come by the store to learn more!