How to Rack Pool Balls - Part 2

As you play more and progress as a pool player, you may want to expand your knowledge and skills by playing these games:

Straight Pool- AKA 14.1, All 15 balls are racked randomly for the opening break of the match. When only 1 object ball remains on the table, the other 14 balls are re-racked with the top of the rack left vacant. It is common for the 1 ball to be placed on the right rear corner (from the racker’s perspective) and the 5 ball on the left rear corner but this is not an official rule.

One Pocket- All 15 balls are racked randomly to begin each new rack. The object ball at the top of the rack should sit on top of the spot.

The racking requirements for these 2 games are considerably simpler as the solids, stripes and numbers mean nothing. Each ball pocketed counts as 1 point. The games themselves are more complex but are great ways to expand your pool playing skills!

Rotation-AKA 61, All 15 balls are racked with the 1 ball at the top of the rack, the 15 ball in the middle as well as the 2 and 3 balls on the rear corners of the rack. Each ball’s point value is equal to it’s marking (1 ball=1 point, 2 ball= 2 points, etc…) making the sum of the rack 120 points hence the name 61 as the first player or team to score 61 points wins the rack.