How to Make a Kick Shot

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KickShot vs. Bankshot

Hello again! A common question I get asked by newer players is “What's the difference between a bank shot and a kick shot?” Well, a kick shot is where you shoot the cue ball off of one or more rails and into the object-ball to pocket the object ball. A bank shot is where you shoot an object ball into one or more rails and then to a pocket.

One Rail Kickshot

So now that we know the difference between a bank shot in a kick shot let's take a look at how to shoot a one rail kick shot. You simply want to take the position of the object ball or your target, and measure the distance between it and your cue ball. In this case one, two, three diamonds. So, with three diamonds away on a one rail kick (shot) I want to cut that number in half. One-and-a-half, that's my target point. Let’s give it a shot!