How to Kick Off Of The Side Pocket Point

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The Shot

Today we're going to look at another shot from the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots by Dr. Dave and Tom Ross. I've done it again, I'm playing 8-ball,got down to the eight ball managed to stick myself in a very bad situation behind my opponent's blocker taking the jump and most traditional kick routes out of the equation so again I've got to get pretty creative. This case I'm going to kick off of the side pocket point cross-table to the eight ball on the other side.The key to this shot is to aim very precisely on the point on the far side of the side pocket to send it directly across table to contact and pocket the eight ball.Too far into the side pocket wall brings the cue ball back down table.Too far past the precise pocket point and the cue ball sails well down table in the other direction.This is not an easy shot by any means but with some persistent practice you can become reasonably accurate with it and it will come in very handy in those situations where you find yourself stuck and have to come up with a game winner.You can find this shot and many other shots in the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots by Dr. Dave Alciatore and Tom Ross.