How to Grip Pool Cues

Rather read than watch? Read about how to grip pool cues below:

Hello and welcome to another edition of billiards basics from Ozone billiards. I'm Instructor James Roberts and today we're going to look at mechanics, specifically your grip do's and do not's. Without further delay let's have a look. 

How To Grip

First you want to wrap your thumb and your index finger around the cue, then bring your other fingers around very lightly. The weight is primarily carried by the thumb and the index finger. The knuckles should be parallel to the floor. You may see a lot of players knuckles up or their wrists curled in. Ideally, your wrist should be relaxed and knuckles parallel to the floor. Now, the key to the grip is to not clinch or grab the cue at the point of contact with the cue ball. The key is to stay consistent all the way throughout the stroke. So there you have the fundamentals of the grip. One last thought on this subject as a player once told me, you should think of your grip as like holding a baby bird, you want to hold it firm enough to where it doesn't fly out of your hands, but not so firm that you choke the bird to death. Until next time From Ozone billiards, keep playing in the zone.