How To Determine Pool Cue Warping


Rather read than watch? Read about how to determine pool cue warping below:

So, you just got a brand-new cue or perhaps you're pulling one out of storage and you haven't played with it for a while… one of the first things you want to do before you get to the table is check the shaft for warping. Today, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that, let's have a look.

First, hold the shaft up much the way you would sight a rifle and then slowly rotate the cue shaft in a circular motion with your fingertips, eyes focusing on the tip. What you're looking for is any abnormal movement of the tip. If the shaft is straight there won't be any. Rolling the shaft on the table is not the best way to check for warping due to potential inconsistencies with the slate and also possible debris on the table. If you do check the shaft this way, make sure that you focus on the motion of the cue tip. Here's the shaft that I sighted earlier, it's pretty obvious that it's warped. Look at how the tip curves to the right. Here's an example of a straight shaft. Notice no curvature.

So there you have it, the proper techniques for checking the cue for warping. Make sure you do this before you get to the table. That's not the time you want to find out you have a problem. Thanks for joining us today. I'm BCA Recognized Instructor James Roberts for Ozone Billiards. Until next time, keep playing in the zone!