How to Change the Pool Cue Weight

Changing the pool cue weight, in most cues, can be a quick and easy way to change the way your cue feels. When ordering a cue from Ozone Billiards, most cues have weight options you can select online but if you want to change the weight after you shoot with it you'll want to manually change the weight by removing the butt cap and the weight bolts that are loaded in the pool cue butt. Keep in mind that not all cues come with changeable weights. In fact, most recreation style cues do not as they are not designed for competitive play.

Rather read than watch? Read about how to change the pool cue weight below:

Hello again, today we're gonna look at how to change weight in your cue specifically for CueTec and Scorpion cues.

Weighing the cue

First thing we want to do is weigh our cue up, and looking at the weight we are at 18.9 ounces with this cue currently.

Removing weight in the cue

I'm going to lighten it up now. The nice thing about the Cuetec and the Scorpion cues is its very easy to remove the bumper. The back piece simply unscrews giving you access to the weight bolt down in here. For the Cuetec and the Scorpion, it's a Philips head very easy to match up. Now not all Cuetec cue's are weighted -- if you turn the back part the bumper and it doesn't move it's not a weight adjustable cue, and you have to live with whatever weight it is, but on this other model we weighed it up at 18.9, and I'm gonna lighten it up a little bit so you take a Philips head screwdriver or an attachment to the drill. Cuetec and Scorpion bolts are half-ounce, so by removing that one should bring us down to 18.4 ounces on this cue now so we've successfully taking this Cuetec from 18.9 ounces to 18.4 ounces.

Cue weight options

These are stackable, so if I wanted to add weight I could add them up for as long as there's room in the cue to add more. Now the cue will usually top out at about 21-22 ounces. On the light end ,if you take all the weight bolts out about 17 or 18 ounces. For other cues, it's a very similar process except it's not as easy to remove the bumper, it helps to have a specialized tool like this plug puller to remove the bumper and a look inside will reveal that there's a weight bolt. You want to make sure that you match the bolt properly before removing it so that you don't strip it but other than that, the process is the same on any weight adjustable cue.