How to Chalk a Pool Cue

You might think you know how to chalk a pool cue but think about where you learned your technique. If you learned from watching someone else in a pool hall or from watching people on TV or movies, odds are you're doing it wrong. An improperly chalked tip can cause you to miscue or can diminish your accuracy by not gripping the cue ball properly.

A well chalked cue tip should be thoroughly coated in proper billiard chalk and it should be well chalked with every single shot. The type of chalk you use can dictate how often you need to chalk up but chalking your cue the right way each time can be the difference between winning and losing.

Rather read than watch? Read about the chalking a pool cue below:

Hello and welcome to another edition of billiards basics for Ozone Billiards. Instructor James Roberts is going to talk about one of the most often overlooked portions of shooting pool and that is proper chalking technique.

The correct steps to chalking a pool cue

You may see many players out there that just pick up the chalk and kind of casually spin their cue into the chalk. This is will NOT help you shoot. First Grab your chalk and apply it in a stroking motion and paint in the tip making sure that there are no empty spots, paying particular attention to the edges especially if you plan on applying any type of spin to your next shot. Now we're ready to shoot. Now you see the importance of proper chalking technique as being one of the most important.