Free Instructional Billiards Videos

Welcome to Ozone Billiards new billiard video library. We decided to put together a new section of our website to help our players learn the game. Initially, our videos will be geared towards the beginner player but we hope these videos may be good refreshers for our more advanced players as well.

Our billiards videos will consist of various topics to teach you how to play pool from basic instructional videos, how to play various games of pool, and how to select and use various billiard products.

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Pool Cue Instructional Videos 
Anatomy of a Pool Cue
How to Chalk a Pool Cue 
How to Shape a Pool Cue tip
How to Determine Pool Cue Warping 
Changing Cue Weight

Billiard Basics Videos 
How to Hold a Pool Cue - Bridge Hand
How to Grip a Pool Cue
Proper Stance for Shooting Pool
Proper Stroke of a Pool Cue
Pre-Shot Routine to Play Better Pool
Proper Aiming Technique to Play Better Pool
How to Break Pool Balls - 8 Ball
How to Evaluate Playability of a Pool Table
How to Jump
Kick Shots
Shooting Straight
Step Into Your Shots