Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots

Florian Kohler was born in France in 1988, speaks 3 languages, and is a pool phenom redefining the sport of trick shot pool though a combination of artistry and breathtaking skill. Florian (better known as "Venom"), has an extraordinary blend of unique billiard talent and spectacular shot execution. Venom first picked up a pool cue at the age of 18. He learned his first trick shots from videos on the Internet. Not satisfied, Venom quickly moved on to inventing his own, modern version of old trick shots. Within two years, Venom was competing against trick shot pool pros that had been playing since before he was born. He hasn't looked back since.

Top Achievements so far...

  • XTM Trick shots Masters 1st place in Seoul, Korea - 2009
  • Artistic Cup IV, winner in St Charles, MO, USA - 2010
  • Juanjo Trilles creative artistic cup winner, Gandia, Spain - 2011
  • N1 Artistic Billiard French Champion, Orlèans, France MAY - 2012
  • MVP at the China's Trick Shot World Masters, Shenyang, China - 2012
  • Winner of the World Cup of Trick Shots in Connecticut, USA - 2012
  • Special Art Trick Shots World Championship, WORLD CHAMPION, Las Vegas - 2013
  • World Cup Of Trick Shots, Winner - 2013
  • Winner of the Korean Trick Shot Challenge, Seoul, Korea - 2014
  • GUINNESS BOOK WORLD RECORDS (68) important balls potted in one minute - 2014
  • ESPN Trick Shot Magic, Runner Up, San Diego, CA - 2014
  • Collaboration video with DudePerfect, 6 million views in one week. Dallas, TX - 2014

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