Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - The Under/Over Trick Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about the Under/Over Trick Shot below:

We are going to walk you through how to do a very famous shot called the Under/Over

What is Needed for the Under/Over Shot: 

What we need for the Under/Over shot is three balls and a bridge.

Under/Over Shot Step 1:

First,  we are going to start with is the bridge.  We are going to put the bridge along the first diamond line with the cue.

Under/Over Shot Step 2:

The next step, is to put the 9 ball in the corner, in front of the pocket.  Place the cue ball frozen to the rail under the bridge, then freeze the 1 ball next to the cue ball in a straight line under the bridge as well. Once that’s done, remove the cue ball

Under/Over Shot Step 3:

Lastly we have to set up is the cue ball. Place the cue ball a little bit to the left of the 1- ball you just want a little bit of angle not much. It can be fully straight and you’re all set up! Now all that’s left is to execute the shot.

Executing the Shot:

Executing the shot is  the hard part. I'm going to try to hit the cue ball into the 1. Make the 1 in the corner across the table long ways.

The cue ball is going to jump over the bridge, land, then draw back make the 9 ball.

In order to make that you need a very solid bridge hand, as usual. I'm going to use a closed bridge on that. Also, you need to shoot at a 30 degree angle. The angle is going to make the cue ball jump over the bridge, Now, you got the jump but the draw is the hard part.

To make this happen, you're going to have to aim pretty low on the cue ball. Aim about a tip and a half below center. Lastly, follow through a lot. You want to really loose grip, as usual. Shots like this require a loose grip and a solid bridge, solid stance. Follow through with a lot of draw. In terms of aiming: aim to make the 1 ball because that's the hard ball to make.