Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - The Big "O" Trick Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about the Big “O” Trick Shot below:

We are going to walk you through how to do the Big “O” Shot. This shot is supposed to go one way masse, masse the other way, making an “O” shape. Creating an “O” shape in pool is pretty much impossible because you can’t always have left spin and right spin but it’s not going to make a perfect circle. The shot Venom has created, will build the full circle in two shots. The level of difficulty for the Big “O” is ridiculous. It would be nice to tell you it's really possible and you can make in three tries, but it might take a little more than that. We at Ozone Billiards wish you luck if you want to try this shot at home! Let’s set this shot up!

Big “O” Shot Set-Up:

Place the 1- ball in the middle of the table. Place the cue ball about 3 inches to the left of the 1-ball. Then place the 9-ball on the edge of a pocket with a triangle trapping it in place with the point of the triangle and edge of the pocket.

What Cue Do I Need?

You definitely need a masse cue because if you had to try this with a normal cue it wouldn’t work at all.  

Executing the Shot Step 1:

First, reach the cue ball. With the cue ball being placed in the center. Try to be vertical. You know the right way if you're vertical but you're hanging this way you're not going to be able to make a shot. Use a lot more on the left spin at about 7 or  7:30(look at a clock) on the spin.

Executing the Shot Step 2:

When you apply the spin to the cue ball you then have to change the direction of the ball by re-hitting it. Your stance is going to change from one end of the table to the other  to try to re-hit the ball with left spin aiming.

Word of Advice:

It helps  to keep your cue ball clean,  especially after a few tries.