Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - Stroke Shot Trick Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about the Stroke Trick Shot below:

We are going to walk you through a really advanced shot. People ask a lot of questions about it every time it's what we call the stroke shot.


Stroke Trick Shot Set-up Step 1:

Place put cue ball right by the second diamond. The cue ball should be  frozen to the rail.


Stroke Trick Shot Set-up Step 2:

The next ball to set up is the 1-ball here. I'm doing the 1-ball about a finger’s distance in between the rail and the 1-ball. The 1-ball and the cue ball there should be about a quarter of an inch in between them.


Stroke Trick Shot Set-up Step 3:

Place the 9 ball by the corner. Add a triangle in the corner here to make sure that the 1-ball is going to go.


Executing the Stroke Shot:

Have the cue ball draw along the long rail to make the 9-ball with that masse so it's got to be a full stroke shot so for that I use an open bridge. The key is to have a really really loose grip so you want maybe one or two fingers maximum and you need the really good follow through as well. You don't want to foul so what you're going to do is when you follow through you're going to follow through a little bit to the right so you avoid double touch on the cue ball

Aiming for the Stroke Shot:

Try to hit full on the 1-ball. You don’t want to hit thin because the cue ball will not go the way that it is intended to go. Hit on the cue ball one tip below center with a little bit of right English but not too much because then you won’t have the back spin necessary to to come back