Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - Rocket Masse Trick Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about the Rocket Masse Trick Shot below:


We are going to walk you through another classic trick shot that's what we call the Rocket Masse. This shot was made famous by Willie Mosconi because the shot was in the movie The Hustler. This is an advanced skill-set shot for a confirmed level player. The intent on this shot is to masse the cue ball into the 1 ball, so you make the 1 in that corner. Leaving the cue ball to travel along the long rail, hit the rail make the 9 ball last.

The Rocket Masse Set-up Step 1:

Put the cue ball around the diamond line. Don't place the ball frozen on the rail. You want it a little bit off the rail, not much.  A very important tip is to make sure that the cue is parallel to the rail when you set it up. What we suggest doing, is to put the cue on the rail like that make sure it's parallel 

The Rocket Masse Set-up Step 2:

Then do the same thing to the 1 ball. Setting it just a little bit off the rail, parallel to the rail in the 1 ball and off the cue ball a little bit. Again,  not by much.

The Rocket Masse Set-up Step 3:

We will be setting up the 9 ball next. Place the 9 ball near the edge of the pocket on the opposite end of the table. Flush with  the edge of the pocket.

Executing The Rocket Masse Shot:

You got a masse, so you're going to go vertical.  Look at a clock nearest to you. Based off of this clock, you want to hit the ball around “7 o’clock”.  You want to really solid bridge so what we have to do is I tuck your elbow in close to you body. Make sure it just it's really stuck so that way it's really solid and doesn't move.  

On the backhand grip, you  only want two fingers. Put the cue between the thumb and pointer fingers. You want a loose grip on the back. Go down on the table since you're aiming straight you won't cut a hole in the table.