Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - Railroad Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about how to do the Railroad Shot below:

Today we are going to walk you through the Railroad Shot. The railroad shot is using the cue ball to travel up the cues , reverse down the cues, making the ball go into the middle pocket. This can be set up several ways, but we are going to show you the really easy way to make that shot. The Railroad shot is a great crowd pleaser. Your friends will love it!

What you will need for the Railroad Shot:

To do this shot you're going to need getting a bunch of cues.  Four in total to be exact. 1 to use for the shot and 3 to use to execute the shot. You'll need a playing cue and 2 cheap cues that you can find as long as they are the same size. Lastly, a little smaller cue. This could be anything that you can find.

Railroad Shot Setup Step 1:

Put the two long cues in the pocket touching one another. Angle the two long cues towards the middle front pocket. Next, You're going to add the third cue making sure it's touching the other 2 cues. The 3rd smaller cue should be pointing to the 1st diamond point to the right of the front-left pocket.  Make sure the smaller cue is nudged in between the pocket and the other two cues, creating some tension so that it prevents the ball from dislocating it.

Railroad Shot Setup Step 2:

Place the 9 ball at the rail point of the front-middle pocket.

Let’s try the Railroad Shot!

We’re going to place the cue ball near the end of the two cues that we have placed at an angle. Then we are going to aim the cue ball to hit the first diamond to the right of the back-left pocket. Shoot with top-left english on the cue ball. But don’t give it too much power. You don’t want to hit the ball too hard.