Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - Passing Lane Trick Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about the Passing Lane Trick Shot below:

We are going to walk you through a more advanced shot that we call, the Passing Lane Shot. The internal shot is to hit the cue ball to the 1 ball make the 1, then have the cue ball go around the 1 ball beat the 1 ball into the pocket. The set up for this shot is very simple but the hard part is the execution of the shot.. Let’s get started!

Passing Lane Setup:

First, place the cue ball against the rail near the first diamond point on the right of the  right-front pocket. Put the cue to the left of the cue ball. Take the 1 ball and place it frozen to the cue ball and cue. Begin angling the 1-ball to the left using the cue, pointing the cue and 1-ball towards the first diamond to the left.

We understand that this sounds weird because you're trying to make the 1 ball, but since you're gonna have to hit with a lot of left spin. This will make the 1 ball deflect to the right of it. That's the only reason why you're aiming so much from that of the  side of the table.

Passing Lane Shot Execution:

Follow masse the cue toward the cue ball. Meaning, hold the cue at an elevated angle. We will be elevating to around a 50 degree angle. Aim at the top part of the cue ball. Instead of aiming masse on the back of the cue ball, you want to aim on the top front side of the ball . Aim straight, maybe a little angle to the left, but not much.  Next, shoot and follow through.