Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - Jump Catch Trick Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about the Jump Catch Trick Shot below:

We are going to walk you through the jump and catch shot. We are going to hit the cue ball across the short edge of the table into the rail. When hits this rail the cue ball is gonna fly into the air, where we then try to catch it. That's why this shot is called the jump catch.


Jump Catch Shot Execution:

Place the cue ball on the rail. Have a very strong solid left hand, a very solid bridge,  then follow. When I aim just over the tip and over the rail.

From there you want to have kind of light loose back grip on this hand so not many fingers to hold it tight. Loose grip and just a little bit of an angle. You don't want to aim too flat because then it won’t work.


Bonus Shot! Moon Shot!

All you need for the Moon Shot is a cue ball. You're going to set the cue ball on the point that meets between the first diamond and second diamond from the corner. The idea of the shot is to hit the cue ball into the rail, the cue ball is them going to fly in the air and drop directly in the corner pocket.  


Executing the Moon shot:

Aim the cue ball as if you are going to bank it. Using the mirror image method with the cue across the pool table, it will help you spot the part of the table that you are aiming for.

On the shot itself what you have to have is a lot of follow on the cue ball. Aim high. You also need to have a bit of angle I would say another thirty degrees of angle. Solid left hand, very loose grip, and good follow through. Follow through as possible so the ball grabs at the railing and keeps spinning. The higher it goes, the more impressive it looks.