Florian Kohler - Venom Trick Shots - High Jump Trick Shot Tutorial

Rather read than watch? Read about the High Jump Trick Shot below:

We will be explaining how to do a trick shot called: the high jump shot. We are going to walk you through how to  show you how to jump a ball. This is a more advanced trick. It will take some time and patience to get this down. For this trick you will need a special jump cue. The best way to ensure to jump high is to remove the butt, leaving only the shaft.  The jump cue is already lighter as a hard tip and is made of very hard wood. Without the butt you're even lighter so it's even easier to jump high.

High Jump Shot Set-up:

Position the cue ball close to the rail,  you don't want to be frozen to it. The high jump shot requires you to hit the ball at more of an angle making it a lot more vertical. Try to elevate your cue at an angle around 80 degrees. Aim to hit the cue ball at one tip right below the really top of the ball or half away from the very center of the ball.

High Jump Shot Execution:

With a very steady left hand, as usual. Try to lock your elbow. Use two fingers on the grip and make sure it’s really loose grip on the cue to make it as quick as possible so you can fast release when you shoot. Short fast poke, try not to follow through.