Sneaky Pete Definition

Sneaky Pete cues are the cue of choice among billiard players. They have an interesting story behind their name, which refers to the actual design of the cue, by the way. A Sneaky Pete is designed to look like a poorer quality, traditional house cue instead of a custom cue. The idea behind this was that people would underestimate the capabilities of their opponent and be susceptible to being hustled. Not many people use them for that purpose these days, but instead it is their traditional style and simplistic beauty that has enabled them to remain one of the most popular and best selling pool cue styles on the market today.

Action Sneaky Pete Cues

Action cues have a variety of Sneaky Pete cues that demonstrate their renowned craftsmanship at an affordable price. As normal with an Action cue their Sneaky Pete range are made from high quality materials including a tip made from Action layered leather. As with any cue from the Action range, all of the Sneaky Pete series come with 12 month warranty which protects them against manufacturer's defects. Get yourself one of these Sneaky Pete models and experience the solid hitting of an Action pool cue. These cues look just like deluxe house cues with 4 spliced points, but in fact they are actually a two-piece cue with a hidden joint.

Players Sneaky Pete Cues

Players have a Sneak Pete Series of cues that all come finished with elegant designs on a variety of maple shafts with pro tapers. All of the billiards cues in this range come with no wrap and now collar for that true Sneaky Pete appearance. Players Sneaky Pete cues are an excellent choice at reasonable prices for those looking to improve their game. They all come with a lifetime guarantee against warping, so you know that you are getting a quality investment. The cues and shafts are constructed with 100% North American Grade A hard rock maple to ensure impeccable quality and straightness, they are then turned seven times during curing and stabilized to further solidify their straightness. The cues have a variety of hard wood butts, an interesting variety of wraps, and have delightful finishing touches that will enable your cue to look good, and most importantly, play good for many years to come.

Predator Sneaky Pete Cues

Confident, beautiful, and specially created to fill you with discreet confidence the Predator Sneaky Pete cues are a must have for any serious player. These cues are engineered specifically for what matters the most - winning. Among the range of Predator Sneaky Pete cues are creations the incorporate rich curly maple, ultra elongated points, and their world renowned low-deflection shafts. The Predator range of Sneaky Pete cues are serious bits of kit that are ready for intense action. When you are serious about upping your game, then investing in one of the phenomenal Predator Sneaky Pete cues is really the best thing that you can do. You will be playing like a pro before you know it!

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