Different Types Of Wraps

It can be quite confusing trying to find the type of grip that works best for you, when you are being bombarded with all the different kinds of pool cue wraps. We're going to provide you with an overview of the benefit of cue wraps and how each one feels in your hand.

We have a variety of pool cue wraps online for your convenience. So, how do you work out what is the best for you? There are a lot of different options for pool grips, ranging from cues that encourage a strong grip, to smoother cues.

It should be noted that sometimes you will need to sacrifice your desire for aesthetics to get your preferred grip type, as not all grip styles can be found on all cues.

Rubber Wrap Pool Cues

Rubber grips give players a tight and comfortable handle on their pool cues while shooting. Perfect for those who have quite sweaty hands, rubber wraps provide maximum grip on the cue while playing. These are the wraps that offer the most grip.

No-Wrap Pool Cues

You might be surprised to find out about this kind of cue that you can get that offers an extremely high level of grip, similar to rubber wrap cues. No-wrap cues, that's right, cues without a wrap. The finish that is applied to the wood reacts with the sweat on your hands and cause them to stick to it. Some people may think that because it's like the shaft that it must be slippery, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The butt and the shaft are completely different surfaces with different finishes, and a no-wrap cue offers a superb amount of grip.

Stacked Leather Pool Cue Wraps

A stacked leather pool cue has strips of leather installed around a cue in a fashion that is similar to a linen wrap. If done properly it feels like solid leather, but with more options in patterns/color combos. These cues offer a nice level of grip as the leather finish encourages your hands to stick to it.

Standard Leather Pool Cue Wraps

A standard leather pool cue wrap is a great choice for those who want style, but don't want to sacrifice on the grip that they will have on their cue, even during the most tense of situations. Leather pool cue wraps are a popular choice among professionals and amateurs.

Irish Linen Cue Wraps

Irish linen cue wraps are definitely the most slippery of all cue wraps. Despite the designs and craftsmanship that goes into making an Irish linen cue wrap they can get very dirty very fast and don't offer the high level of grip that most professional players desire. Some players won't choose an Irish linen cue wrap because they simply prefer the feel of leather, and they don't want a cue that's design will fade quickly.

There you have it, now that you know more about the different types of wraps, you can be sure that you'll be able to get the most from your cue and your game.