Dart Boards

We stock a wide array of dart boards for sale that includes electronic, steel tip and soft tip dart boards. An electronic dart board is an excellent way for players to keep track of their score while playing a variety of different games like Cricket, Shanghai, Round the Clock, Shoot Out, By 10’s and many more. These allow you to set which game you are playing and let the board keep track, so you can concentrate on more important things – like your game!

Steel tip dart boards are bristle boards that are made to reduce bounce outs so you get fair and accurate play, while our soft tip dart boards are made to be used with our soft tip darts. Choose from varying brands like Arachnid, Viper, Nodor, Winmau, DMI Darts, Budweiser and Harley Davidson. We have plenty of boards that meet any price point. Ozone Billiards also offers you a 90-day risk free return on our dartboards. We encourage you to buy it, try it and return it if it doesn’t suit you!

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