Butterfly Shot

Rather read than watch? Read about the Butterfly Shot below:

We are going to try to walk you through a very classic trick shot that's called the Butterfly Shot. This shot has a very complicated setup, but it's a beautiful shot. it's also a really famous shot. If people know you know how to do trick shots, everybody's going to ask you about a butterfly, so you have to know it. This is a very complicated shot, so please follow along closely. Let’s get started!

Butterfly Shot Setup Step 1:

The first thing we do to set it up is use a cue. Put a cue from diamond to diamond across the table. Use the diamond points from the right of the center pockets. Take another cue and place it perpendicular to the other cue. The 2nd cue should be in the middle of between the two right front and right back pockets. The cues should be crossing over at a 90 degree angle. Use the chalk to make you spot at the point where the cues cross

Butterfly Shot Setup Step 2:

Next, using the spot that you just marked off with your chalk, place the 3-ball at that spot. Take the cue ball and place it behind the 3-ball in line frozen together. Remove the 3 ball, leaving the cue ball.

Butterfly Shot Setup Step 3:

Place a cue in front of the cue ball at the angle from the second diamond point to the inside of the the back middle pocket. Take the 9 ball and set it against the cue, frozen to the cue ball.

Butterfly Shot Setup Step 4:

Use the cue to angle on from the left and the opposite diamond markers on the other side to measure. Take the 1-ball of the same color and place it to the left of the cue, making sure that that it is frozen to the cue ball. The set-up should look like an arrow.

Go to the right side of the 9 ball with the cue. The cue should be pointing into the back left pocket at the inside point of the rail. Take the 11 ball and place it frozen to the 9 ball at lined up with the angle of the cue. Do the exact same thing on the opposite side with the other yellow ball. To make it easier to remember, use the 3 ball since it is also red like the 11-ball. It should look symmetrical

Butterfly Shot Setup Step 6

For the last part, we’re going to place the other, last stripe.  Aim the cue again, but this time, point the cue to the back right pocket, inside point. Place the ten ball frozen to the nine ball at the end of the cue. The positioning should look like two arrow points with the points facing each other.

Butterfly Shot Setup Step 7

Remove the cue ball that you were using to measure the positioning, place in straight in between the 1 ball and the 9. Now you’re all set to try it yourself! 

Adjusting Your Butterfly Shot

Keep in mind each table each table is different. Make sure you always look where it's going, which is why I use solids and stripes. The solids on the left side, the stripes on the right side. Look at where it missed so you can identify what to fix.