Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids Sept .6, 2014


The Boys & Girls Club Event “Day for the Kids”

As a sponsor, Ozone Billiards, recently attended the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) Day for Kids, a fun-filled field day in Atlanta, GA. The event took place in Atlanta's Grant Park on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014. This event has taken place for more than a decade to support and celebrate the great work that the Boys & Girls Club does to makes a difference for kids in communities around the country. The Day for Kids provides a full day of safe interaction for our youth.

Ozone Billiards along with many other Metro Atlanta businesses came out to support the BGCA and their mission to enable youth to reach their full potential by participating in field day events with kids from local Boys and Girls clubs. Games consisted of various relay races, as well as dodge ball, and tug-of-war. Those who came by the Ozone Billiards booth had an opportunity to play 3 Ball. All participants received a free 1 hour training session at our store in Kennesaw, GA.

For over 150 years, Boys and Girls Clubs have given children a positive atmosphere to learn and grow safely. The BGCA provides programs to assure members develop into successful adults in their community. To date, the BGCA has roughly around 4 million members nationally. The BGCA challenges their members academically with after school programs that are established to promote healthy living, technology education, and character development. These programs are especially in place to help keep members who urgently need the resources to stay on track to graduate and plan for their future. The fundamentals of billiards fits in perfectly with the standards of the boys and girls club as it reinforces mathematical concepts, sportsmanship, sharing and the value of skill development.

Ozone Billiards has been a long-time advocate of the Boys and Girls Club of America. Owner and founder, Shawn Gargano is an alumnus of the BGCA and has contributed to the foundation for years. Having learned core values and principles from the BGCA, he has been a supporter eager to continue to help the BGCA to promote the wellness of our youth and emphasize their future.