Board Games

A board game is defined as a game regularly played on a board where playing pieces are moved about to a set of rules. While a lot of people still look to this description as a means of defining board games, nowadays, many games can be played without a board or even sans playing pieces. The common definition of a board game still applies to most, but not all. To define what a board game is has been a tough one. A board game could be any game played by multiple people that requires strategy, chance, or both. Board games could also be defined as having a definitive end goal, either to win, or something else.

In the beginning, early board games were straightforward strategy-based games like chess. The idea was simple: one person versus another, one warring army against another in an epic battle. That’s where the idea of a board game originated. Modern board games will still oftentimes center on this idea of beating your opponent, but more rules have been introduced, as have playing pieces, which alters what a board game was initially defined as.

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