Billiard Tips & Techniques - Half Masse Shot

Rather read than watch? Read about Billiard Tips & Techniques - Half Masse Shot below:

How It Works

Here, JP gets a little fancy pulling out Phil Capelle's half masse shot. It's an impressive little trick for a common scenario, particularly on a crowded table. By elevating the cue slightly and aiming just off center JP is able to slightly curve the cue ball around the obstacle ball and into the object ball successfully pocketing it without ever touching the obstacle ball.

How To Practice

In this same setup, many players will either try for a different ball which may be just as difficult to make or may try kicking the cue ball off the rail and into the object ball. Both might be decent options but this half masse shot isn't just fancy, it might also be your best option once you've practiced and mastered the technique. Having shots like this in your back pocket could be the difference between winning and losing an important match one day.