Billiard Tips & Techniques - Billiard Shot

Rather read than watch? Read about the Billiard Shot below:

How To Strike

A Billiard shot involves playing off an object ball to pocket a second object ball. In this example JP shows you how to strike the cue ball in order to pocket the two ball in the corner pocket and roll the cue ball off at almost a ninety degree angle to pocket the nine-ball in the other corner pocket. Learning how to play the cue ball off of an object ball whether it means pocketing two balls or not can prove to be a useful skill in both nine-ball and eight-ball scenarios as you may not always have a clear shot and playing off the rail may not be an option, especially at the beginning of a game when the table is still crowded.

A Good Spin

In this example JP shows you how to put enough spin on the cue ball to basically play it off at a ninety degree angle based on the setup, and this setup easily allows for both balls to be pocketed if the cue ball is hit properly. Good Billiard shot setups will vary and you'll need to strike the cue ball differently in each scenario. You can see by JP's example though, that the cue ball requires quite a bit of spin in this scenario. You can practice by hitting the cue ball with various degrees of spin to see what angles you get off the object ball.