All About Cue Extensions


     A guide to help you find what you want or need. Currently, pool cue extensions come in two distinctly different types and although they share the same name, they really serve different purposes. 

         The cue extensions that attach to the end of your cue are designed to help players with hard to reach shots that come up occasionally particularly on larger tables. These are the longer extensions ranging from 6 to 24 inches. Some are brand specific while others are universal so that they may be used with any cue.Brand specific models use a modified bumper for quick and easy installation and removal. Universal type extensions either slide over the top of the cue and lock into place or have a simple mechanism to tighten into place and loosen for quick, easy removal. Storage when not in use can be a challenge as some cases just don't have the space for them.

         Mid cue extensions are primarily for players with longer than average reach to help the stroke feel more natural (no more holding the cue at the bumper). Previously, the only option a tall player had was to have a cue custom made at a cost that would be considered expensive by most. This type of extension is designed to stay on your cue throughout the entire time you are playing. When you’re done playing it’s just an additional piece to remove when you break down your cue. This type of extension is much shorter, ranging from 3 to 6 inches and are light weight (typically 2-3 ounces) making it much easier to store. Before ordering one of these, make sure you know what type of joint your cue has to avoid returning and reordering.

      Both types of extensions are legal to use for league and tournament play. So what will it be? mid cue extension? butt extension? both?