Simonis Cloth 760 Pool Table Cloth - Burgundy

The Simonis Cloth 760 Pool Table Cloth - Burgundy is a worsted wool cloth developed especially for pool table use. These felts are tightly spun to resist spills and stains as well as avoid pilling and fluff. The 760 has been used for decades as the high speed cloth for tournaments around the world, and are especially recommended for high traffic areas. The Simonis Cloth 760 Pool Table Cloth - Burgundy will help you break and play like a pro.

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Simonis 760 Burgundy 7ft Pool Table Cloth
Regular price:$274.99
Sale price:$226.99
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Simonis 760 Burgundy 8ft Pool Table Cloth
(2 ratings)
Regular price:$368.74
Sale price:$307.99
itemId=simonis-cloth-760-pool-table-cloth-burgundy-9ft|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=1|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=F|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Simonis 760 Burgundy 9ft Pool Table Cloth|~|brand=Iwan Simonis|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=329.99|~|priceReg=401.24|~|priceSale=329.99|~|image=
Simonis 760 Burgundy 9ft Pool Table Cloth
Regular price:$401.24
Sale price:$329.99

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