Schon Cues

When you need a new cue for your billiards playing, choose a brand passionate about the cues they create. Ever since they began in 1981, Schon Cues has been creating high-quality cues from the best woods completely by hand for an unparalleled attention to detail in every cue. As a company of artisans making the thing they are most excited about, each cue offers stunning visual appeal throughout coupled with high standards for performance and endurance. We are honored to offer exclusive designs from the prolific imagination of Evan Clarke, Schon's innovative cue maker, all displaying this unbridled passion and commitment to excellence in every aspect of the cue. Experience the playability of a handcrafted, world-class instrument that will continue to increase value as time passes by with one of these reliable Schon pool cues.

Our collection of Schon cues offers something special for every billiards lover. These cues are some of the most beautiful on the market in terms of design and it shows with every play. In fact, the word Schon means beautiful in German and it shows in every curve with these exceptional cues. Made from various types of high-quality wood selected by hand for its beauty, hardness, and quality, Schon pool cues are made to be as long-lasting as they are beautiful. They also offer impressive playability with such thoughtful features as backed hard leather tips, maple reverse points, and more. Best of all, these cues are always created in small batches instead of mass produced, meaning every one of these 58-inch shooting cues is crafted with care and precision down to the very last detail.

At Ozone Billiards, we are pleased to be your one-stop source for all your billiards needs from tables to chalk. With a large selection spanning the top names in the industry for dependable performance coupled with our affordable prices for a great value, we are confident you will find everything you need for a great game. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping.

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