The Pro Book - Bob Henning
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The Pro Book - Bob Henning

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The Pro Book brings the latest advancements in training methods and techniques into pool. Intended for the competitive player, it will produce dramatic results in your game if you supply the effort.

Improve your ability to play using 130 reference shots, keyed into your memory with 16 primary shots.....Expand your knowledge with reference safeties, kicks, kick safeties, and banks....Refine your table evaluation and pre-shot routines....Increase your mastery of peak performance with nutrition, mental training, and conditioning...and Organize your own training program for the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of pool.
The Pro Book - Bob Henning
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5 Stars
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One of the best
April 9, 2012
This is a great book. I have been playing pool for about 15 years and have managed to become a fairly advanced competitor. This is due in part to the quality and quantity of reference materials I have been exposed to. Out of the dozen or so books I have read, "The Pro Book" is one of my favorites because it is so comprehensive. The research Bob has done and put into writing is really fantastic. Thank you for making it available and advancing the game.

Orlando, FL
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Book
November 13, 2010
Has lots of great information to incorporate into your game.

milwaukee, WI
2 Stars

Didn't live up to hype
October 7, 2010
This book is kinda weird. The excecution chapter is good, but maybe this book was really written just for "Pros". I gues I had a little tough time getting the cue ball to land in a 5" area 70% of the time or more. This is what Bob asks before going to the next excersise. Also, the other chapters were kind of hit or miss. Some of it was good info, but he reccomends making a subliminal audio tape to listen to while practicing or relaxing or whatever. This tape is supposed to have music along with you telling yourself how great you are. But your voice is supposed to be so low that you can't really hear yourself. Thereby being the subliminal part. I don't know about all this?? Kinda weird, right? And maybe the complete change in diet would help, but I LIKE what I eat now. :(

5 Stars

The Pro Book
March 18, 2010
This is an outstanding book, and I've improved my kicking 200 percent. This book would be a great addation to players liabray.

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