Predator Cues

When choosing the right pool cue for your needs, it is important to go with a brand with a solid reputation. With their commitment to quality and innovative performance, Predator cues has led the billiard industry's technological evolution since its inception in 1994. Their undying commitment to innovation of design and exceptional craftsmanship in every product has created a legacy of high performance, supported by scientific discovery and proven results. Designed to help all levels of players, Predator cues gives you better accuracy and more consistency. This is why more professionals play with Predator pool cues and Predator shafts than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Since its creation in 1994, Predator pool cues have led the billiard industry in technological evolution. As a brand, Predator has created top of the line innovations with their precision engineering methods and state of the art designs. The technology built into all Predator products gives players greater accuracy and more consistency. Predator's line of cues includes a wide range of performance playing cues, multiple generations of high-performance shafts, break cues, jump cues, and accessories including cue cases and the ever-popular Predator chalk.

The technology included in every Predator cue extends from tip to butt cap. Their radial shafts increase overall consistency of the construction, giving the player less deflection and more consistency from shot to shot. Their butt construction varies from model to model but has been designed to extend the consistency in the performance shafts, all the way through the entire cue, giving you a more precise and consistent stroke. As a result, a Predator cue tends to be the preferred choice of many of billiardís top players including Darren Appleton, Jasmine Oushan, Karl Boyes, and Ralph Souquet.

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